Marion Willms

Thanadoula - Nurse for the dying and afterlife

Departure Nurse Marion Willms has extensive experience as a registered nurse. For fifteen years she worked as RN in a variety of clinical settings (including acute care) and in the community. Prior going back to school and obtaining her RN, she has also been working as Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) for two years and as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in long-term care for ten years. As a part of her career in nursing, Marion frequently had to care for patients in their last stages of life. Years of nursing experience had taught her to be comfortable with death and dying patients as they depart from this life.
As a nurse, Marion has discovered her passion for supporting individuals in dying well as a part of her clinical practise. The personal journey of discovering her passion for Marion started from grieving. After the death of her mother in 2010, Marion began asking questions of “how people die?” In attempt to find answers, she attended Orphan Wisdom school taught by Stephen Jenkinson for three years and completed the Contemplative End of Life course offered through the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto in 2013-2014. Read the Full Bio


Advanced Care Planning:

Will help individuals with planning for their own or their loved ones death and assist with the decision making process including developing a plan for end of life care. Drawing on my registered nurse expertise, I will provide information about power of attorney for personal care and finance as well as assist with planning for dying at home.

Health Care System Navigation:

Will assist individuals and their families with understanding and resourcing the public health care system.

End of Life Care:

Will support the individual in palliating at home and liaise with other health care professionals to support the individual in dying at home. Will draw upon my clinical expertise as an RN in addressing symptom management.

Care of the Body:

Will support and coach the family in washing the body after the loved one has died and assist in preparation of the body for transport to the cemetery or crematorium. Will liaise with funeral directors to support the family in the wishes of the loved one.


Will prepare and support the family in vigilant their loved one including the preparation of the body for the vigil.


Will arrange and facilitate all arrangements and gathering of the documentation needed.


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